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The Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod

Charsim of the Congregation: "To participate in the Mystery of Jesus Dead and Risen in His Mission in the World for the Salvation of All."


The Congregation of the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod was co-founded by Father Peter Marie Mermier and Mother Claudine Euchernier at Chavanod in France in 1838. It was raised to Pontifical Right on November 30, 1932. Confreres number more than 2,000 in eight provinces in sixteen countries including France, Switzerland, India, Sri Lanka, the Congo, Cameroon, Romania, the Holy Land, Nepal, Tanzania, Kenya, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, the USA and Uganda. The Sisters came to East Africa in 1979. These Sisters belong to the East African Delegation of the Province of Trichirapilly, Tamil Nadu, India.

The congregation's two main apostolates are education and health care. The congregation's aim is to develop the whole person - physically, spiritually and intellectually. The founders wished that the Sisters educate girls: "If we educate a woman, we educate a family, a society, and a nation." Bearing this in mind, the Sisters go forward to serve children, youth and women. The congregation's mission consists of education programs, promotion of women and families, service to the poor and sick (especially HIV/AIDS orphans), catechetical and pastoral activities, and direct evangelization. The Sisters administer hospitals, mobile clinics, schools, universities, and counseling and community development centers. Committed to the Church's wider mission, every effort is made to spread the Good News, sharing and spreading God's love. Today the Sisters number fifty in East Africa and forty in Central Africa. There are ten candidates, fourteen postulants and five novices in Africa.